Erik Norlander


Erik Norlander is an accomplished keyboardist, composer and producer with over 40 album credits including 9 solo albums, 7 with his Rocket Scientists project, and 10 albums with vocalist wife Lana Lane. He toured with the Asia spinoff Asia Featuring John Payne for 6 years and co-wrote the band’s only original release “Seasons Will Change.” He is currently touring with Last in Line featuring original Dio members Vinny Appice and Vivian Campbell. Prior to Last in Line, Erik toured with Big Noize, a supergroup featuring hard rock all stars, Joe Lynn Turner, Simon Wright, Phil Soussan and Carlos Cavazo. Erik also wrote the music and produced the album Roswell Six - Beyond the Horizon for science fiction author, Kevin J. Anderson, in support of his Terra Incognita series of fantasy novels. 

Outside of the music world, Erik was the co-designer of the legendary Alesis Andromeda analog synthesizer, and has led many synthesizer and sound design projects for major companies around the world. He produced 200 ultra-accurate cover songs for the GuitarPort product for Line 6 in 2001-2002, many of which were licensed to the Guitar Hero video game. Erik also actively works with The Bob Moog Foundation to advance the legacy of the maverick synthesizer pioneer. Erik performed a 2009 concert along with Keith Emerson to open "The Legacy of Moog" exhibit at The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California, and the epic "Moogus Operandi" concert in Asheville, North Carolina in 2010.

Erik's studio and live technique integrate classic analog synthesizers and keyboards with leading-edge modern technology giving his stage and studio productions a signature that wholly his own. Although he is quick to deny that he is a "collector," Erik curates an encyclopedic array of vintage keyboard instruments centered around his 1967 modular Moog synthesizer that has been nicknamed "The Wall of Doom" by his fans. 

Erik has been featured in the February 2013, October 2009 and September 2006 issues of Keyboard magazine in the USA as well as four appearances in the Japanese Keyboard magazine along with multiple appearances in Burrn!, Strange Days, Progression and Electronic Musician magazines, among others. He has been interviewed on numerous radio shows and continues to receive energized reviews in countless publications around the world.

Erik Norlander was born in Hollywood, California, and grew up studying both jazz and classical music on several instruments from a young age through his years at university where he also graduated with a degree in English Literature. He abandoned a masters degree program on the road to becoming an English professor when he realized the call of his music was too strong to resist. He remains an avid reader and occasionally writes for both art and technology magazines. Erik currently resides in El Dorado County in Northern California with his wife, Lana.