Erik Norlander



$15. TTMD-1058. Erik's 7th studio album. Instrumental keyboard-driven progressive rock with one vocal song, the title track sung by Lana Lane. Album features Mark Matthews (b), Nick LePar (d), Greg Ellis (p), Alastair Greene (g), Jeff Kollman (g), Mark McCrite (g) and Don Schiff (St, c). 

Threshold (Special Edition)

$9.99.  TTMD-1035. 2CD set released in 2003. Erik's debut album from 1997 remastered along with 10 (!) bonus tracks. Keyboard-driven instrumental progressive rock with Greg Ellis (drums) and Don Schiff (bass).

Into the Sunset

Out of stock. Avalon MICP-10183 (Japanese import) released in 2000. Erik's 2nd solo album with a hard-edged rock band sound featuring Glenn Hughes (v), Lana Lane (v), Edward Reekers (v), Greg Ellis (d), Cameron Stone (cello), Tony Franklin (b) and more. 

Music Machine

$9.99. TTMD-1033. 2CD set released in 2003. Erik's 3rd solo album, a rock opera featuring Kelly Keeling (v), Scott Kail (v), Mark Boals (v), Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (v,g), Peer Verschuren (g), Tony Franklin (b), Gregg Bissonette (d), Vinny Appice (d), Virgil Donati (d) and more. 

Stars Rain Down

$8.99. TTMD-1039. Live album recorded in Europe on Erik's 2001-2003 tours. Featuring Lana Lane (v), Kelly Keeling (v), Peer Verschuren (g), Don Schiff (Stick) and Ernst Van Ee (d). 

Seas of Orion

Out of Print. QCD-0465. Released in 2004. Erik's 4th studio album, an electronic music effort recorded for the Quantum Records label in the Netherlands to coincide with Erik's return to the Alfa Centauri Electronic Music Festival.

Hommage Symphonique

$8.99. TTMD-1052. CD released in 2006. Erik's 5th studio album, progressive rock covers of Yes, ELP, ELO, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull and King Crimson with Kelly Keeling (v), Don Schiff (b), Mark McCrite (g), Gregg Bissonette (d) and more.

The Galactic Collective

Out of Print. TTMD-1054. Released in 2010, CDR edition. Erik's 6th studio album re-imagining 10 of his favorite instrumental compositions from other projects with Mark Matthews (b), Nick LePar (d), Freddy DeMarco (g), Mitch Perry (g), Mark McCrite (g) and more. 

The Galactic Collective (Definitive Edition)

Out of stock. TTMV-1006. Erik's 5th studio album, first released in 2010, this edition released in 2012 with 2 CDs and a DVD of in-studio performances and interviews with Erik. Features Mark Matthews (b), Nick LePar (d), Freddy DeMarco (g), Mark McCrite (g), Mitch Perry (g) and more.

Live in St. Petersburg

$9.99. TTMV-1004. DVD and CD set released in 2006 of Erik's landmark concert in Russia with Lana Lane (v), Kelly Keeling (v,b), Peer Verschuren (g) and Ernst Van Ee (d).

Live in Gettysburg

Out of stock. TTMV-1007. Released in 2012, Erik's live DVD and 2CD set performing complete Galactic Collective album along with other favorites. Featuring Lana Lane (v), Mark Matthews (b), Nick LePar (d), Freddy DeMarco (g) and Debrissa McKinney (v).